Constanza Seijo

I was born in Uruguay and spent my life in various places: on the Rio de la Plata, the Algarve, Rome and Tuscany, Munich – and these blessed Gaucin mountains, where I feel at home now.
I did lots of things, but always had time to stare at the play of light on the water, in the air, on the mountains. That is probably the most relevant detail of my life.


My pictures are made of painted glass, mirrors, special glass sheets, sometimes fabric behind glass,
which I arrange on a wooden board.
I finish them with  Swarovski stones, glass stones from my visits to India, Italy or wherever I find them;
also with real pearls and with all colours of glitter immersed for all eternity in the resin.
The result are radiant and luminous pictures
that constantly change with the light and that look different from every angle.
I also make brooches and pendants and small objects to lighten up a desk or bedside table.

and have finally found a technique and the materials that allow me to play with it,
and to reflect it in all hues and sparkle.
As an enthusiastic celebrator of life, I feel the urge to express the liveliness and radiance of our world.

To see these pictures, I suggest we look through the eyes of our inner child again
and get back the spontaneity and innocence
with which we once loved everything that sparkled and shone.

It is almost impossible to “catch” the play of light on a photograph,
as there is a scintillating constant movement which the camera cannot grasp.
So I leave it to your imagination to add the liveliness they really have.

Constanza Seijo

Studio visits welcome by appointment

Address: EL DUENDE
Carretera de Manilva, Km 23-24
29480 Gaucín, Málaga (not postal address)
Tel: +34 625 530 423