Emma V Cornish of Casa Mosaica Studio

The inspiration for Casa Mosaica Studio followed a creative collaboration between Emma Cornish (British interior decorator) and Stephen Windsor-Clive (mosaicist), that began in 1998. Their “Casa Mosaica” project was to renovate an ugly algaroba warehouse in Gaucin; to design, manufacture and install beautiful hand-cut “Roman” mosaics, in their many varied applications,throughout the transformed Moorish style property. Orders for mosaics followed from friends, clients and architects who saw the beautiful work and a small business began to grow.


Stephen studied at 2 mosaic schools in Ravenna in the 1980’s and set up the Real Mosaic workshop in Tangier after moving to Gaucin, training his first craftsmen in the art of mosaic. 3 of the original group and a married couple are now the highly skilled mosaicists that manufacture the pieces for Casa Mosaica Studio.2profileweb

MOSAIC is the harmonious and organic arrangement of various small, imprecise hand cut pieces,called tesserae. The process is organic but organized, you can see the pattern with your fingers – it is a synthesis of vision and touch. No machinery is used to cut the materials; marble and stone, mirror,Venetian “Smalti” glass and 24 carat gold glass; the highly skilled mosaicists use a hammer and anvil,traditional tools and techniques familiar to the Roman’s 2000 years ago.

4profilewebGaps or negative spaces are as integral to mosaic as silences are to a piece of music. A careful look at any Roman or Byzantine work confirms and reveals the dynamic tension that animates each piece. It is in this quality alone, unlike zellige or tiling, that the idea of mosaic is expressed.Through this ancient and living tradition, the uniquely enduring qualities of mosaic adapt well to a wide range of modern day applications.

Casa Mosaica Studio designs and fabricates bespoke mosaics for private clients, architects and designers around the world, including organizing specialist installers. As an interior decorator, Emma’s particular interest is designing and fabricating the right mosaic for a client, and integrating this ancient technique with harmonious effect in a contemporary scheme.

Large made-to-measure stone rugs and wall installations, mosaic panels for bathrooms, kitchens and gardens. Some beautiful finished mosaics; mosaic mirrors, ornamental wall pieces, interior and garden tables, jardinières and fountains are available to buy directly from Gaucin.

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