Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson moved to Gaucín in 1987 and the whitewashed villages of Andalucia feature in many of her paintings.

She started off making machine-embroidered and appliquéd wall hangings, then taught herself to paint in watercolour and acrylics. She has shown her work in Jimena and Gaucín, and the greetings cards she makes are available in shops in Gaucín and Estepona.

Interview with the artist:

How has your work changed over the years?

I started off painting flowers and still life using watercolours. Then I began experimenting with acrylics. My style also changed and I began painting my interpretation of the white villages of Andalucia. These became my signature subject and proved very popular with visitors to my studio. Almost all my work is done straight from my imagination and I very seldom paint an actual village or landscape.

In all honesty, as I have no formal training but am completely self-taught, I sometimes feel that my paintings are all happy accidents. I love a blank sheet of white paper or a blank canvas and I can’t wait to make that first mark.

Are you experimenting with any other techniques?

I love the use of collage, which, in a way, is similar to the layering I did when embroidering. When working in collage I use newspaper, tissue, music, tea-bags, poetry and anything interesting and textured that comes my way, even fragments of my own paintings.

Studio visits welcome by appointment

Address: Andres Silverio Martin, 16
29480 Gaucín (Málaga)
Tel: +34 952 15 11 79 (Landline)