Sánchez Zabaleta : “Art and science in the XXI century”

Joseba Sánchez Zabaleta is part of the collective exhibition”Art and science of the XXI century”.This exhibition organized by the Arcilla Foundation and the National Museum of Natural Sciences of Madrid can be seen, brings together some thirty artists to talk about Art and Science.It can be visited from March 25 to August 30, 2021.


Joseba Sánchez Zabaleta presents “Intemperie” at Sala Pares in Barcelona.

Joseba Sánchez Zabaleta, Art Gaucin´s member, presents his new individual exhibition, “Intemperie” (Out there. Out in the open.) at Sala Parés in Barcelona next November 9.

Out there: Out in the open.

Joseba Sánchez Zabaleta takes us there and leaves us alone, naked, in the open. As is the artist always; as is all deep, true and honest art, born of reflection and emotion, the only one that can touch us.

Far from the noise of fashions and passing trends, JSZ has already shown that he is a master of atmospheric expression and the portrait of the aura of the object, but now he goes one step further towards an austere and refined mystique that rises at expressive heights like a Bach cantata. The works gathered in this open sky take us to that outer place where there is no longer any refuge or excuse, showing with all its rawness the desolate space, covered with dust and mud, where the remains of all the lived lives to unveil without concessions the empty face of modernity.

The open sky forces us to look at what we do not want to see, making the invisible visible in a stark


Art Gaucín 2019

20 studios will open their doors in Gaucín during the Open studios 2019.

This year, 22 artists will show their works at Gaucin’s celebrated Open Studios event.

Visitors are welcome to meet the artists in their studios and to see a wide variety of works, styles and techniques, from paintings and prints to ceramics and sculpture.

This year the Art Gaucin group welcomes three new members: Christine Spencer-Green, Ira Goldberg and Catherine Hunter.

We also have three new guest artists from the region: Karina Zothner (Tarifa), Pepe Barroso (Algeciras) and Lieuwke Loth (Cómpeta).

With these new faces and new works, we invite you to save the dates for the 16th Art Gaucin Open Studios event which we hope will be better than ever. Don’t miss it!


Jim Rattenbury exhibit in Venice in the context of the Bienal.

In the context of the Venice Art Biennial 2019, the GAA Foundation presents the exhibition "PERSONAL STRUCTURES", involving Jim Rattenbury, member of the Art Gaucín collective.

In the context of the Venice Art Biennial 2019, the GAA Foundation presents the exhibition "PERSONAL STRUCTURES", involving Jim Rattenbury, member of the Art Gaucín collective.

The exhibition is hosted and supported by the European Cultural Centre and will open on may 11th.

The exhibition shows an extensive combination of internationally established artists and artists whose works are less well-known. A cross-section of what can be seen as contemporary art today. The selected artists come from many different parts of the world, different cultures resulting in very different artworks. Visually, the artworks may appear very different, but all artists present their own subjective, personal expression of their reflection on the concepts Time, Space and Existence.

The exhibition mainly presents recent artworks by living artists, either site-specific, specially made for this exhibition, or taken from the existing collection of the artist. Some rooms in the palazzos are dedicated to the presentation of a single artist, while other rooms will present a combination of projects and works. Strong statements give each of the rooms a very specific character. The exhibition features a broad variety of artistic media; video, sculptures, paintings, drawings, photos and installations. Since the more than 200 participating artists originate from very diverse cultures representing over 40 countries and are also of very different age, the topics Time – Space – Existence are highlighted from unusual, very personal points of view.

We wish you to Jim many successes

Place: Palazzo Bembo, Venecia.

Dates: May 11 to noviembre 24, 2019


Ana Pellón exhibits in Paris

Ana Pellón is showing her latest work, “The soul…light of the interior”, in Paris this month (February) at the Espace Culturel Bertin Poirée.
“The void is an enigma, the thread that crosses structures and converges with the world of dreams. This emptiness is not real, there is a seed of life that has been and will be. The vacuum is inside us. In the environment where I live, time is light.”
This is how Ana explains the inspiration for her exhibition, which takes place in Paris from February 19 to March 2.
We wish Ana good luck in this new exhibition.